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Pressurised hot water boiler

Pressurised Hot Water Boiler Replacement

Water boiler

guaranteed hot water in your home

Save space in your home by adding a pressurised hot water boiler. These systems provide hot water to your taps providing higher flow rates and pressure. 

If your current flow rate is poor and insufficient then you may want to consider a pressurised hot water boiler installed by our professional team at SafeGasUK

Please note that a mains pressure system functions as well as the mains supply feeding it. Our team can visit your home and test this, and offer you advice on whether a replacement is for you. 

excellent prices from an expert team

We can install a bolt on power shower, magna clean or wireless controller to any of our specials for only £100

For more information on our specials or any of our services, please visit our contact us page.
Boiler sales

Boiler replacement

expert, top brand boiler replacement

We specialise in replacing boilers in around the Manchester area. 

If your boiler is showing signs of poor performance then give us a call and we'll discuss if a replacement is necessary.

Visit our boiler replacement or contact us page for more information. 

Poor flow rate in your home? Consider a pressurised hot water system
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